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Taking Care Of Your New Crown

Porcelain Crowns

Congratulations, you have chosen the longest lasting protection for your damaged tooth.  A crown of the highest quality material, and placed with a commitment to excellence, can last a lifetime if taken care of diligently and carefully.

Dr. Toney only uses the finest materials and the newest technology to fabricate crowns for his patients.  A new technology called CAD-CAM is used to create an all-ceramic crown. The materials used for the ceramic crowns allow light to penetrate the crown for a life like appearance recreating the beauty of natural teeth. The new crowns have no metal, which can cause allergic reactions in the gums and can give the appearance of a gray line at the gum line. The crown is milled out of a block of ceramic using a computer, which images the model of your teeth for the most precise fit possible. The new all ceramic material is stronger than the old porcelain/metal crowns and will be the most durable restoration dentistry has to offer.

Your temporary crown is designed to protect the tooth and maintain the position of the tooth in relation to the other teeth.  It is very important that the temporary crown stay in place until your permanent crown is seated.  You can put your temporary back on with Fixodent denture adhesive until you can get into our office.  Be careful to not chew anything sticky or hard on your temporary. Some sensitivity is normal especially to temperature; however, this should slowly subside over time.  If your bite feels off after the numbness wears off, please call our office. [972-727-4468]

Check out this video for instructions on how to put back on your temporary crown if it come off

The beauty of your crown is very important to us and we will take great care to make your crown look as natural as possible.  We use the finest porcelains and the highest quality lab to create a beautiful natural looking tooth.  If you are going to whiten your teeth soon, please let us know so we can take into account any color change that may occur.

Please don't hesitate to call our office if you have any questions, and once again, congratulations on making the best choice for your long-term dental health.  


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