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Post Treatment Care - Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

Eating: Please refrain from eating for 2 hours after your appointment or until the anesthesia has worn off.  Children should be watched carefully and checked by touching the surrounding soft tissues to ensure the area is no longer numb prior to eating.

Discomfort: It is not unusual to have some discomfort after fillings.  The gums may be irritated during the procedure, and together with the injection site soreness, the area may be tender for a few days.  A warm, moist pad applied to the area may provide some relief.

Thermal Sensitivity: Sensitivity, especially to cold is common for a time following a dental restoration.  Usually, the deeper the cavity the more sensitive the tooth will be.  For the first few days, try to avoid extremely hot or cold foods or beverages.

High Spots: The finished restoration may have a slightly different contour and texture than the original tooth.  If your bite feels uncomfortable, you may have a high spot on your filling.  If you suspect this, please call our office to have your filling adjusted.

Home Care: Since teeth with restoration are still vulnerable to decay, it is important to resume regular brushing and flossing immediately.  Daily home care and regulating your sugar intake will increase the longevity of your new fillings.

Should you have any questions about your treatment, please call our office.

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